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United Nations House Scotland (UNHS)

United Nations House of Scotland (UNHS) is a member of the UN Association Scotland (UNAS), which is a civil society charitable organization devoted to the UN’s missions and values. A dedicated team of volunteers and interns at UN House Scotland strive to appeal to the public and youth in events and programmes that support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This is accomplished through regular SDG events, workshops, seminars and internship and volunteering opportunities at UN House Scotland. UNHS creates and develops Parliamentary One-Pagers to Members of Parliament on various issues, supports Model United Nations Programmes with primary schools and Higher Education institutions, and establishes other opportunity platforms to further contribute to the execution of UN goals and values on several issues. These issues include Human Rights, Climate and Gender, Nuclear Disarmament, and Human Trafficking, among many others.

We aspire to contribute to positive change through communication and collaboration by demonstrating support and respect for others, integrity in our efforts, and transparency in what we do.

UNHS is a proud partner with BBYTA to further combat prejudice, anti-asian hate, and promote basic human rights within our society. To find out more about UNHS, go to our website: and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook: UNHouseScotland.

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Dr. Gari Donn is the Founder and Executive Director of UNHS. Over the past 10 years, more than 400 people have volunteered and interned on projects connected with and supporting the achievement of the UN SDGs in Scotland. Throughout her career as an academic and now at UNHS, Gari has always been committed to collaborative projects and is immensely supportive of the personal and professional development of young people. She believes SDG17 Collaboration for the Goals is key to unlocking humanitarian perspectives on all other aspects of life on this planet. We can't move forward if others are left behind is her mantra and now tis also the mantra of everyone at UNHS.

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