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In line with government guidelines at the time, BBYTA hosted our annual New Year celebration on Zoom. Built from the ground up, our team organised a presentation and zoom presentation for many distinguished guests, including Ma Qiang, Consul General of the Chinese Consulate, Colin Beattie MSP, Dr Gari Donn from UN House Scotland, Simon MacAulay, Chair of SCEN and video messages from multiple provincial organisations including Chen Guan Jun of Guangdong and Fu Jing of Henan. 


Although not in person, BBYTA successfully hosted the event with little overhead costs and with fine precision. Although we were not able to host a live event during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we successfully had over 75 guests in our zoom meeting, with some very special performances of Auld Lang Syne by school children in China and Shannon Stevenson (our Head of Operations). 


BBYTA would also like once again to thank all of our distinguished guests in attendance and once again get somewhat back to normal. We would love to invite you all once again to the Scottish Parliament for our annual celebration once again.  

Our first virtual photoshoot 

See the full live recording of the event below

BBYTA Chinese New Year 2021

BBYTA Chinese New Year 2021

BBYTA Chinese New Year 2021 (full event recording)

1. Colin Beattie MSP Speech

2. Dr Gari Donn's Speech

3. Fu Jing's Speech

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