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Community Outreach - Helping the Community

Recently, the East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) community and those involved with it have been targeted by hate crime, partly out of ignorance of the role diversity plays in our society. BBYTA provides a platform for young people to voice their opinions and cultivate their ability to project that message.

Charitable Work - Helping the Most Vulnerable

Money raised by BBYTA events goes to both local and international charitable causes. We have distributed masks and are starting an upcoming project to help rural children in China.

From 2020-2021, asian hate crime has increased substantially, with many in the UK. BBYTA was horrified to hear about the attacks so close to us. We felt that it was essential to give back to the community and society, for example we donated a batch of PPE masks at the height of the pandemic which were entrusted to us by Henan province in China and the Edinburgh Chinese Consulate. 


Recently, BBYTA has been focused on the rise of anti-asian hate crime in the UK with attacks reportedly going up 300% (Hayes 2021). BBYTA wants to promote positive messages about different cultures and remind us from all walks of life that we are equal and valid. For that reason, we are currently raising awareness on Xenophobia and trying to create safe spaces for those wishing to discuss their love for ESEA culture without fear of reprisal.

Cultural Awareness - Learning New Cultures

Using our team’s unique talents, BBYTA likes to provide a space to promote ESEA cultures. We cultivated a cultural exchange between China and Scotland by both performing arrangements of the classic “Auld Lang Syne”. Although BBYTA was founded out of mutual interest in traditional Chinese culture, we are inclusive of all cultures and plan to host more events in the future based on different cultures, topics and festivals. 


We feel that being culturally aware is extremely important for the young. Hopefully shaping business attitudes for the future. For example, during our Chinese New Year 2021 event, many Chinese children sent in their own performances of Auld Lang Syne, teaching children thousands of miles away the beauty of Scottish culture, while at the same time, celebrating their new year for our esteemed guests. BBYTA will always have cultural awareness at the heart of our organisation but also continue to support young people’s talents.

New Opportunities - Platform for Young People

BBYTA’s commitment to young people provides opportunities through organised events,  encouraging international networking, promoting and engaging with youth and aspiring talent. Keeping the established in touch with the youth is a great way to promote peace and dialogue in the dynamic and challenging times we live in. 


BBYTA feels that it’s mission is complete when seeing the young confidently and successfully communicating how they feel to established thought leaders in their respected field. From our own New Year events, we can see that the attendance of our guests has been successful and well received, hence furthering the power and support of the BBYTA project. 


We hope to provide a better, louder and clearer voice for young people to encourage their participation in the democratic process through bringing up topics that matter to young people and providing the establishment with a polite, calm and passionate voice they can also listen and learn from.

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