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The British Born Young Talent Association (BBYTA)  is a youth led organisation that is focused on nurturing talent in public speaking, relations, fostering anti-xenophobic action and the promotion of links between the East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) and British community. 

Our founders Wing Sie Ng and Wing Yan Ng established BBYTA in 2018-2019 following the Year of Young People campaign from the Scottish Government. Wing Sie and Wing Yan previously organised several Chinese New Year events in and around Edinburgh over the last few years.


BBYTA is an inclusive organisation, welcoming members regardless of political, religious or racial background but all share a love for ESEA culture. BBYTA seeks to promote this via speaking events, awareness campaigns and hosting festivals. We hope through our events, young people would be given an opportunity and platform to converse with today’s leaders so that they may inspire leaders of tomorrow. 


BBYTA is currently working towards achieving the charity legal status.

Our founders Wing Yan Ng (left) and Wing Sie Ng (right) at our Chinese New Year event 2020, Year of the Rat, in the Scottish Parliament.

To find out more about our team, see the Core Team tab.

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