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BBYTA is currently working towards securing legal charity status. We are producing more content focusing on inter-cultural relations and etiquette, the promotion of East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) language learning and community engagement. 


Between our main networking events, we also plan to participate in fund-raising missions to help the vulnerable both at home and abroad, providing not just opportunities for the youth but also helping BBYTA stay active and relevant between other major projects. 


Along with hosting, promotion and management of cultural festivals, BBYTA will always adhere to the promotion of diversity and intercultural dialogue for charitable events. BBYTA likes to direct young people seeking skills in charity, event management and public relations. Youth can meet like minded people from many walks of life, thought leaders can also engage with the young to fully understand the concerns of today’s youth. 


With this, BBYTA feels that it can help encourage and train young people to help shape the next leaders of tomorrow while providing an essential service to those already accomplished in their careers to touch base with the youth of the nation and truly understand their concerns. BBYTA truly is a youth lead platform, catering to the important matters of tomorrow.

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