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The Chinese New Year Celebration aims to promote a better understanding of Chinese culture and the importance of diversity in a multi-cultural setting. We want to celebrate diversity in modern Scotland, fabricating connections between the two countries and building on the special relationship that has already been established by the Scottish Government and the Chinese Government.

Chinese New Year is not only an event that is celebrated by Chinese people but also celebrated by those around the world who aren’t familiar with Chinese traditions. It is celebrated by everyone who has an interest in China.


The Lunar Chinese New Year is traditionally celebrated for a two-week period which generally falls between January and February every year. The concept of family unity is central to the Lunar Chinese New Year theme. This is a time where families would gather together from around the world to celebrate, which is similar to our Christmas celebrations.


While people celebrate the festival in various ways, the main activities revolve around receiving red envelopes, well wishing, good food, shopping and entertainment. These Chinese customs are practiced throughout this period to symbolize a new beginning, therefore resulting in many businesses and homes being cleaned and decorated and replacing old items with new items. These all mark a new beginning to the new year and the idea that you clean/brush away all the bad luck and hence the money god would visit your home and give his blessing to your family.


In 2020, BBYTA celebrated Chinese New Year at the Scottish Parliament. See 'CNY 2020' tab.

In 2021, BBYTA moved celebrations online on Zoom. See 'CNY 2021' tab and check out our Youtube page for the live recording of the event and individual videos.

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